ten hours

Ten hours yesterday was the longest continuous period that the combine has worked this year. Somehow, acre by acre, to date Jethro has managed to harvest and store over 1000 tons of wheat, but he needs the grain butler soon to keep and maintain the quality. Managing the stored grain in a season like this is every bit as tricky as growing it in the first place. Once it has been dried, samples will be sent for quality testing to see if the milling quality is there, or if it will have to be consigned as feed wheat.

Once the wheat harvest was completed, the oats were next to be cut, and yesterday the moisture level in that crop was a pleasing twelve percent, so there were no worries there, however it rained in the night and it’s still pouring now. No combining today.

There is a report dated 27/08/1912 in the Times archives about the calamitous weather in August of that year. It was, according to the report, far worse than this year, but readers will need to sign up to be able to access these archives.

Fact: Sales of paint have rocketed this summer as farmers try to occupy idle staff who are unable to work on account of the weather. Buildings and anything else that stands still long enough are being given the once over.


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