lack of progress

It is cooler now and the wind already feels chill. Wherever our summer went to this year it did not come to Prosperous Farm. The Rayburn in the kitchen was lit this morning partly to ease the dampness in this old house and also to take off the chill.

 We have had yet more terrific downpours of heavy rain and hail and on Saturday the harvesting of this year’s crops came to a complete stop, once again, with no idea as to when we might be able to combine again. There is still one hundred acres of spring barley, sixty acres of oats, fifty acres of wheat, and one hundred acres of beans to get. The harvest report from the National Farmers Union shows a very mixed picture and makes an interesting read.

It is not all bad news however, the meat is selling well and we have two tractors with ploughs on the go trying to do something constructive with the heavy clay land. However any more rain and they will find the field conditions too challenging to continue. Last year this land was ploughed too [after THAT wet summer] and with fuel costs so high it is a disappointing occurrence, but it will be the only way to break it down for a suitable seed bed for replanting.

The potatoes in the veggie garden were been stripped of their greenery on Saturday to set the skins and hopefully prevent the spread of blight as Jethro thought he spotted minor symptoms on some of the plants last week. The carrots have grown enormously and at last we have runner beans. Three hundred onions are ready for easing away from their roots, and in due course lifting but I had hoped for some warmth or at least dry weather to help this process. I am just wondering how best to deal with them, do I lift them and put in the greenhouse for drying, or wait a bit longer?


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