pasties anyone?

Our own very important food security at Prosperous Farm is being severely hampered by the poor conditions and inability to lift the onions. Last night’s supper was absolutely delicious – home-made Cornish pasties with everything in the traditional beef and vegetable pasties grown here except for the pastry flour.  Jethro says he likes a challenge and that [the flour] will be addressed soon, however on account of the wet conditions I am not sure that this is the year to try out milling. We will have to see what the wheat quality is like.

I will probably now be prosecuted for using the name Cornish pasty since we do not live in Cornwall, but I feel safe in the knowledge that as they were for our own consumption we can call them what we like and all the evidence has been eaten.  However a “Prosperous Pasty” doesn’t to my mind conjure up the same image of melt in the mouth pastry, succulent beef [that had been hung for 28 days] and tender juicy vegetables [straight from the garden], all seasoned with sea salt and ground black pepper [methinks Jethro could not supply the seasoning either, but he always was, and still is a resourceful lad] and served straight from the oven .

We do have progress to report in the bathroom lighting department however only as far as we now use a gas lamp! As you may now realise daily life at Prosperous Farm sometimes runs on a slightly different time zone compared to what the rest of the world is used to.


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