blowfly bother

The warmer weather has led to a sudden increase in insect activity and a small outbreak of fly strike amongst the breeding sheep. A few blowflies have lain their eggs on the sheep which are now hatching into maggots and unless treated will cause great discomfort and distress. Earlier in the season a small dose of insecticide is applied externally to all the ewes’ backs which usually gives the sheep good protection for up to 16 weeks. At this time of the year, and after so much rain, this protection is clearly waning and it depends entirely on the weather as to whether we need to apply a second dose. Today, even though it is a Saturday, Jethro has applied a second dose on the younger breeding sheep, and this year’s ewe lambs only as they are grazing in an area with a lot of trees which naturally increases the fly population and therefore the potential problem.

The rest of the day has been taken up with all the men moving grain around to ease the grain drying nightmare. Tractors, trailers and loaders have worked flat out moving grain all day. This is the first of many such days. Unfortunately there is no a fancy drying system here.

The beans are now all in, but very damp. No harvesting was done in this area today at all as the whole district had so much rain yesterday.

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