Prosperous Farm, as many blog readers know, is situated in rural England, not in the USA, and yet a lot of people, even locally, are now making jokes about aspects of the American Presidential candidates and their campaigns.

Take one of yesterday’s comments:

“Are you sure you are just looking after the pigs, or learning to put lipstick on the pigs?”

Even heard from this side of the Atlantic Jethro thinks some of the comments allegedly made by the prospective Republican Vice President are scary…. especially regarding foreign affairs.
In my first lifetime America was just a new world, and now four centuries on the effect this nation has had [and continues to have] on the rest of the world is almost beyond comprehension.

This is a close up photograph of one of the pigs; she is due to farrow [ give birth] in November.  Lipstick anyone?

Lipstick anyone?

Update 8.30pm. I have just discovered 2 Bluetongue facts: Firstly that Scotland is making the vaccinating of farm livestock compulsory from November 1st, please see this news release. Secondly, that more positive tests of Bluetongue serotype 8 have been found in imported cattle, this time in Wales.

With thanks to Warmwell for the links.


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