“all good gifts…”

Jethro delivered several sacks of grains [beans, wheat, oats, barley, and oil seed rape] and several wool fleeces to the local Church this morning, and a box of garden vegetables. It is the harvest festival tomorrow and while many are giving thanks for “all good gifts around us” the ploughing and scattering continues relentlessly on at Prosperous Farm, and all around the country .

The local school children have their harvest service next week too and we do like to show the fruits of the soil to reinforce the link with the countryside. Historically, the harvest services are held at this time of the year however if it was possible to hold the service a month later would mean the service actually tied in better with the farming year.

Four tractors worked today, and the seed cleaner, preparing seed to be sown for next year’s crop. Currently, all hands are working flat out for a minimum of twelve hours every day. The land is gradually being worked down towards a suitable seed bed but it is an arduous process for both man and machines. Some fields are renowned as “plough eaters” the iron hard ground wearing and tearing at the plough shares at an alarming rate.

Watching the occasional news bulletins from the sidelines I get the feeling that the world’s financial markets are being eroded at an even faster pace. It is not comfortable to witness; instead of ploughshares wearing away it will undoubtedly be homes and jobs.

I, apparently along with 2.5 million others, have a small nest egg with the Bradford and Bingley Building Society. I have been torn, on one hand between instinctively wanting to withdraw it, and on the other hand knowing it is well below  the amount protected by the Bankers Guarantee. I just hope that we will not be the first savers to have to try to claim on this scheme.

Another  sign of the times.


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