To remind us of sunnier times

To remind us of sunnier times

Well, we have had such a busy week since I last posted, so I have had no time to write [or hardly even breathe] despite being featured on another excellent website featuring farm blogs from around the world. Thank you, Ian.

In the last week, three electricity related happenings have taken up a lot of our time.

I had spent ages composing a what I thought was a really good post for the blog last week when the power went off, came on, went off, came on, went off and finally died for good. The power was actually only off for less than an hour, which was excellent service from the service providers. It was however dark enough at the time for me to dig out and light the candles and gas lamps, this is probably a good thing to so near the start of winter. However the computer was very unwell after the power was restored, despite the careful use of two surge protectors. It took a lot of old time and patience to sort it all out, retrieving and restoring various items, and I as you can see now I am back on the blog.

The second incident was one of the electricity board’s main fuses blown out in one of the grain stores and the electricity company had to come out to fix that. The grain store fans are still on full and with regular testing of our stored crops shows we are finally reducing the moisture. link I can report that the third incident is good news – at last we have fixed the bathroom light. This simple task has only taken 6 weeks [although in reality to us all it feels far longer] and on entering the bathroom we now squint from the brightness and almost feel as if we need to wear sunglasses while taking a bath, as we had got so used to the previous gloom.

And while we are on the subject of sunglasses, this lovely bright picture at the top of the post is of one of our sunflowers taken before the recent frosts. These lovely flowers cheers us as they grow and cheer our hens through the winter ensuring they receive healthy omega oils from the seeds, which we hope they can pass on to us in the eggs, well that is our theory anyway.


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