Sausages and sleepless nights

Does anyone else suffer from sleepless nights just now? I bet they do. For me it was not the credit crunch or the potential bank bail out that woke me but a random thought about the quantity of sausages made when we sold the last batch of pigs. Too late [or too early!] to wonder about it now – the pork is sold and has proabaly been eaten or frozen and the next pigs, lambs and steer go next week.

Sleepwise, I was done for and eventually after several cups of tea and a very wakeful few hours I managed a few final winks before the day’s work on the farm unfolded, while the world’s finances took another dive.

There is something solid about working on the land and with animals, there is a routine to the work and I might once have said a rhythm but with the changeable weather of the last few months I think the usual rhythm has gone. We have not had a single day off since July, and we are all very tired.

The ground was too hard last week and then it rained, and simply carried on raining so it will be a few more days of dry weather before drilling with Jethro’s latest invention – the seed drill – can start again.


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