a stay of execution

Weeks ago Jethro  booked in a steer to the slaughterhouse for this week. However, the animal has not yet gone, and now has a few more days of sunshine [at last] and grass with an early morning meal of home made cattle muesli.

Defra regulations state that cattle must have two tags in their ears at all times. A few days ago this steer had the required two tags, but perhaps luckily for him on Tuesday or Wednesday he lost one of them, the secondary tag. 

Jethro ordered a replacement tag and has had to re-book the bullock into the abattoir for next week, and then re-arrange all the next stages of quality beef production. The beef hangs for a minimum of 26 days in a cold store before it is expertly cut, and sold.

Would the world have stopped if we had sent him with only one tag and his paper passport, possibly not, but we could not take the risk that he would be turned away and then have to endure two journeys in the trailer so we took the safest option and let him have a few more days with his friends.

Please click here for pictures of tags and passports, you may need to scroll down on this new page.


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