the 100 foot challenge

grow your own or buy local and support those who grow fresh quality produce

grow your own or buy local and support those who grow fresh quality produce

Much to Jethro’s delight we have passed this challenge, and do so happily several times every week. We had visitors for lunch on Saturday and cooked roast topside of Aberdeen Angus beef, from an animal born and reared here at Prosperous Farm.

Every vegetable: carrots, red onions, parsnips, courgettes, cauliflower, potatoes and broccoli were grown in the large vegetable garden. Our own eggs were used for the Yorkshire pudding and the sponge topping. Apples were given by a local friend and the raspberries were grown by another friend in July and frozen.

The only additional ingredients were flour and sugar. It is so satisfying and so delicious, not to mention all the calories you burn off while working in the garden so you can actually eat more!

Guidelines on how to join and also how to take part without actually growing your own and further full instructions can be found here 

‘One hundred feet’ is actually not applicable in our case, everything here is on a somewhat larger scale: the house, the garden and the acres of farm land, but since the sentiment is the same and I thought this was such a good idea that I wanted to share it with you.

For those of you who want to eat local food but are not able to actually produce your own there are many small producers of all types of food, local to where you live, who are listed on the Channel 4 food map, or found at Big Barn.

 Happy cooking, and even happier eating.



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