signs of madness

This photograph , taken by someone else, beautifully illustrates today’s post.

 a rural washing line

a rural washing line

It is well known that talking to oneself is the first sign of madness, and while still a child I was often told that doing one’s cardigan buttons up wrongly was also not a very good sign. Today, I have done something which, when you hear it, you will be thinking is a definite sign of madness.

The last few weeks of non-stop farm work have put a huge strain on the household laundry department with regards dust, debris, oil and soil. Jethro’s latest offerings, left hopefully beside the washing machine, were completely covered in very short, green shreds of hay. The large navy blue sweater had all but disappeared under this thatched covering of hay. The black socks, lying close at hand were just the same. The ancient tiled floor was adorned with sweet smelling rural confetti.

After various displacement activities, and putting the task off as long as I could I finally gathered up the offending items and the debris and retreated outside. I then shook the clothes as hard as I could. This brought only a slight improvement, and luckily I ‘d remembered to stand up wind while I did it.

However, the stubbly green particles were still much in evidence so for the first time in my life I have pinned dirty washing onto the line in the hope that a bit of weather will clear the debris enough for them to be washed. My biggest worry, next to you all thinking I have gone barking [unless you thought that already], is in a few days time, will I actually remember they are dirty….

In the meantime Jethro is now wearing overalls while feeding hay.


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