time off for back behaviour

Well, my back gave notice on Saturday that enough was enough and I will be taking a week off from both the farm and this blog from tomorrow.

A trip to the chiropractor has I hope lessened the impact of the latest strain but still day to day life is a struggle and it is really not surprising when you think that none of us have had a single day off the farm for several months and we are all doing demanding jobs that are both mentally and physically challenging.

Farming and bad backs sadly frequently go togther and it is just something we all live with, including me, learning as we go along, how best to avoid the problems and generally look after our spines. I have had the proper moving and handling training and generally my back has been really good for several years so this latest episode was both rather unexpected and an unpleasant reminder that once a back has ‘gone’ it will never be quite the same again.

When my back went ‘ping’ on Saturday I was just shutting the boot of a friend’s pick-up, it was as simple as that, and now I cannot even do an everyday task like putting my socks on and I am very grateful for the modern painkillers that I am taking every 6 hours in order to keep going. Still, I do know it will get better, and I hope this time it will be sooner rather than later as the diary is very full.

Meanwhile the two little piglets are doing very well, and on the other side of the farm it is time to take stock of all the maintenance work that carries on through the winter once the land work is completed. Hedgecutting, property maintenance, treeplanting are all next on to do Jethro’s list.


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