October snow and the farm skating rink

the sun has got his hat on

the sun has got his hat on


29th October 2008, a real shock to the system. What a change from this picture ! We also endured a 14 hour power cut as the temperatures plummeted to -8’C. Since that night I have stocked up with camping gas for the lamps and lots of candles so hopefully we won’t need them again although I’ve heard that there is a letter somewhere in the village from the electricty company saying we will have an interrupted supply this winter, or is it just a rural rumour?

ice skating anyone

ice skating anyone

We survived this extraordinary sheet ice all over the yard with no broken bones. Feeding the animals in their loose boxes was extremely challenging and not for the faint hearted. The surface was just like polished glass and I am not sure that the picture shows this clearly. We now have grit ready if it  happens again, however this was so early in the year, and the temperatures so very low after freezing rain and snow that it took us completely by surprise

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