all creatures great and small

The vet is coming shortly. Some of the cattle in the shed are unwell and we need to make sure we sort out the problem before we have an epidemic of something like pneumonia.

It is quite normal when housing cattle of mixed ages to have something like this happen, it is rather like small children starting school, they meet a good mix of germs and different food and some of the batch are fine and some succumb.

Our cattle shed is open on all sides and is very airy, it is split done the middle with all the younger cattle on one side and the older ones on the other side. However, they can still meet and mingle noses (and therefore germs) across the water trough in the middle.

We also have a ram who has a serious and persistent abscess on his leg, despite a week of daily attention and antibiotic injections. He is a bought-in shearling ram ( 2 years old), supposedly in his prime, and should have been used on the ewes this month. This untimely abscess has now put paid to him working at all this season and we will see today if the vet thinks he can be sorted out and saved for working next year or whether his problem is just too severe. It is the first time in a lifetime of sheep farming that we have ever had such a problem, so the fact that we were told when growing up that every year (or season) is different really holds true.

Lastly, the vet will vaccinate the farm collie with her annual booster. We always try to tie this task in with a visit whenever we can as she is not at all well behaved in the surgery and this is much better for everyone, especially the dog.



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4 responses to “all creatures great and small

  1. Have you another ram to do the job?

  2. my knowledge of rams is, er, poor, but that doesn’t sound good. Abscess is not a pleasant word. Nice to “meet” you – make sure you introduce yourself properly on the forums page over on PC, and any probs, PM me or contact me by email through my blog. You know Angel I gather?

  3. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with a dog that’s not well behaved at the vets (or anywhere else at the moment, their is nothing as flaky as a flaky border collie.)
    Are animals becoming more resistant to antibiotics?

  4. LittleBrownDog

    Another one from Purplecoo here, too. Sorry to hear about your ram – let’s hope the vet has some helpful suggestions. I like the idea of cows mingling at the water trough (though not germs, obviously). Good to meet you.

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