hectic w/e ahead

 Off to get more rare breed pigs any minute, I’ve just made the sandwiches, ham of course, and cheese! 

We are collecting an in-pig sow and several fatteners at various stages for Farmers Markets and Christmas parties…  we have to do this until all our wee  piglets get bigger. The last of the previous few batches of fatteners that we collected in July went away this week and although perhaps contrary to the current economic conditions the demand for traditionally reared quality meat has increased.  This has meant looking for 2 pigs that will be ready to go away in 2 weeks instead of several months. We only source weaners and fatteners from farms who keep their pigs in the traditional way as we do, and usually the pig keepers have been recomended to us. By the spring we should be totally self sufficient in supply of fatteners and able to keep a ‘closed’ herd, except for changing boars every now and then.

We will be gone most of the day, and when we get back we will have to poultice the rams foot again. However we are all out to a lovely lunch tomorrow, and then there is a lot of catching up in the house to do, so more updates on Monday.

Have a good one…

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