short days

Short days must be the reason we never seem to catch up fully. I meant to post here again on Monday but now find it is Wednesday night!!

The housed cattle are much better and the shed is calm and quiet with contented cattle chewing their cud, and the ram is a wee bit better too. He might be usable next season which would be better than nothing at all which is how it looked last week.

Naughty Ruby, the pet cow, will have to be moved out of the big shed as she just hoovers barley up from the trough at an alarming rate taking it from the younger ones. She can have a different sort of winter, out in the field by day and in at night, it will be easy to do she will follow a bucket anywhere, but we do have to watch out for her cheekiness if she doesn’t get her way.

The pigs are all doing well, we have had one case of joint ill in a piglet, which affected his shoulder, but he has responded well to antibiotic treatment which is another very good thing otherwise he would have been a loss. If it wasn’t for his particularly gimpy ears and big splash of red spray on his  small bottom it would be hard to know which of the 10 had been ill and it is very important to finish the 5 day course of treatment, so the last injection is tomorrow. As a fully operational livestock farm it is hard not to have the odd case of this type of bacterial infection in youngstock. We did spray the navels of the piglets at birth and use iodine on the lambs too, but there is always the occasional case to treat.

We have finally moved some of the pigs outside into their new houses. They are delighted to be out and Dory, our newest sow is especially thrilled. She shows her delight by sidling up to me and then trying to scratch herself [with her whole weight] against my leg. This morning it was more than I could cope with so I found a twig to scratch her with and she wiggled all over with delight, quietly talking, as the twig raked up and down her back. We are the best of friends now.

The annual tidy up for Christmas has begun inside the farmhouse too, with the Dining Room cleaned today for the first time in months, and even the one piece of silver we own had its annual polish last night. Jethro is delighted, he would like the house to be totally in order all the time but somehow all the animals and endless paperwork gets in the way and it needs a party or something big [like Christmas] to finally get the house sorted.



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2 responses to “short days

  1. The low winter sun shining in through grubby windows and highlighting all the dust, goes to show I’ve been spending too much time blogging, but who would want an epitaph, ‘she had a very tidy kitchen’

  2. Farming is a wonderful way to make a living but a very hard way too. More and more paperwork litters our desk as DEFRA decide to make another rule. We have around 600 sheep currently, including the lambs which are getting fatter.

    CJ xx

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