low levels

We have water in the cellar and cannot find the leak… it does not appear to be an internal one so one would think it must be external… All the fascia boards under the kitchen cupboards have been ripped off in the search for the source of the problem. Unfortunately this hurried investigation has caused a certain amount of damage to the paintwork, but it turned out to be simply dry and rather dusty under there, which contrasts somewhat to the seeping water down below.

One of my regular meat customers has failed to return our calls about their delivery and has now missed the slot for courier delivery of her meat, and it probably leaves me with a whole lamb to sell to someone else. This is very unusual and I just hope they are all alright.

Three lambs and two pigs went away this morning, our final selection for this year. One pig is mine and will be slow roasted in celebration of a landmark birthday. The others will be sold at a one off Christmas market next week. Normal service for us will resume in January when the butcher has recovered from his Christmas orders to the catering trade.

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  1. Withy Brook

    The water must have come in from outside as often happens with cellars. The one I grew up with kept remarkably dry, but I have met many since that flood when it is wet. We have had so much rain this summer/autumn that the water table is incredibly high. Some people have to keep a pump in their cellar and have to use it often.

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