source still unknown

More water in the cellar this morning and the source of this water is still unknown, but much worse is that the oil delivery [ I asked Jethro to order it for just before Christmas!] has just arrived and I was not  fully dressed. Hey ho!

Frosty and cold again and we have more rare breed weaners to collect tomorrow to keep our customers upplied with pork in early 2009 until our own bred ones are big enough and our supply regular enough.

 We are also off on an adventure to Wales this afternoon. It is my second adventure to that part of the world in  a month but this time Jethro is coming too, obviously to keep a watchful eye on his old mother!

EDIT 1.30pm. We still don’t know the source of the water which is coming in through the cellar ceiling, and down an old tree trunk that holds one of the beams up! Yes, this is a very old farmhouse that is not maintained perhaps in the manner that the property needs, but the house is not ours and we do the best we can to live and work in it and make it home.

I am now trying every sink, bath, appliance in turn using food colouring in the water to try to pinpoint the source. My fingers are now pink from cochineal and yet we are no further forward. The dishwasher is now on and over the next hour we will see if the leaks increase.

The real problem is that if we don’t find the source soon we will lose the ceiling as well [it is now bulging] and we have only just cleared out the cellar or centuries of rubbish, sealed the walls and ceiling with PVA and painted the same walls and ceiling and even scrubbed the floor. I can hardly bear the thought of all that work wasted and we have had to move a lot of the stuff out of the cellar agian which does not thrill Jethro who is still in a pre-Christmas major house sorting mode.



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4 responses to “source still unknown

  1. Frost, cold, leaks and pigs, what a combination. Hope things improve, the wasted work unbearable indeed.
    I’m a Coo-er and came over to say hello.

  2. Pondside

    I hope you get the water mystery sorted out soon – nothing worse than unwanted water!
    On another note – I’ve visited before but not commented, so am happy to say I’ve enjoyed your posts and will be back.

  3. Anonymous

    I hope your water situation is clearing up!

  4. Thank you all for your enquiries.
    We had more flooding while we were away yesterday, mopped up by the younger generations staying in the house. We have now tried every pipe and drain in the house with food colouring and water and now think it could be a rain soak away through the ground from blocked gutters from the old Victorian conservatory. Jethro has cleared all these gutters today and time will tell, fingers crossed we could really do without all this hassle and extra work!

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