snowing here too

Yup, well as you can see it is now snowing on the blog and we woke up this morning to a smattering of the white stuff all around and very, very  treacherous roads.

At 8 am on the way back from the butcher to check the carcasses for this week’s farmer’s market, there were a few cars in ditches along the back roads. Jethro was very cross with me for using the back way this morning [ I should have kept quiet] but I was careful and slow and the local town was already to a standstill.

The vet is booked, and the horse transport alerted [our livestock trailer is not a horse trailer] so here’s hoping the horse is as fit as she appears. Fingers crossed.


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2 responses to “snowing here too

  1. Nan

    Do road crews salt and/or sand the roads over there?? I just answered your two-month-old question on my blog. Sorry it took so very long! And you won’t find just one answer either. :<)

  2. Hi Nan,
    thanks for this and your reply on your blog to my cookie question.
    Yes some roads are salted but only main routes.
    It is not an exact science over here and parts of the UK can easily grind to a halt with only 2 inches of snow..

    Except on farms of course where we sort it out ourselves and just keep going!

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