English dictionary indeed?

I am greatly indebted to Archbishop Cranmers Blog for bringing to our attention on his Monday’s entry [8th December 2008] of the editing of the Oxford University Press Junior Dictionary. This matter is also reported here . His Lordship quite rightly pointed out, on his post, that many young people still do live in the countryside and enjoy it.  Once again we have all been too busy to read the papers so I missed the story on the day it came out and it has taken one of my regular blog reads to update me!

Obviously nothing is sacred: not our countryside, our language, our heritage and our history. How very sad.

I may be very old fashioned too but many of the words taken out according to the Telegraph article [ link above] are in everyday usage around here: porridge [Jethro’s breakfast], acorn [we just planted some], leek [vegetables for supper], mint [can’t have roast lamb without said sauce], oats [porridge, amongst other things], diesel [for all the farm vehicles], allotment [very popular in the village], dandelion [ a yellow weed], bullock [a shed full of them], starling [pesky flocks are all around]and spaniel [who should startle the starlings]. I even saw a stoat cross the road today,  but according to what I have just read that word has gone too, along with many others, describing our Christian heritage, our history and the monarchy.

Is it progress? I wonder?

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One response to “English dictionary indeed?

  1. Well all those words are in constant use round here AA. Had porridge this morning and stoat had some hens last week!

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