source found!

The good news is at last the source of the permanently flooding cellar is finally found and has been dealt with. The bad news is that a good proportion of the cellar ceiling has been taken down and the resulting mess is really terrible AGAIN. The  row following the mess was also terrible.

Leaking heating pipes under the kitchen cupboards was the eventual diagnosis, and of course it was intermittent, only leaking when the pipes were cold and contracted.

The constant bitter cold has been a reminder that this is how winters always used to be and we all have, of late, got used to much milder ones.  Since our trip to Wales, Jethro is much less worried about the grass lasting out as we appear to have a lot longer sward, if you can call it that at this time of the year, than we saw over there.

Now I am off to light the fire and put a beef stew on for supper. Inner warmth is essential when working outdoors in cold weather.



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2 responses to “source found!

  1. Pondside

    I’m glad you’ve found the source of the leak, but what a lot of bother now to fix it and repair the damage.
    I don’t know about you, but global warming is a joke over here – more like global cooling. In a place that rarely ever had snow we have had very bad storms in the past few years and snow is predicted for the weekend.
    Your beef stew sounds like just the thing!

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