dark and delicious

The road works on Friday were awful, they did both sections on the same day [although the  organisers had previously agreed not to] and as we were totally cut off by road we had to set out cross country to take our meat to the market. You could almost hear the pork crackling as the tightly packed boxes bounced about in the back of the 4WD truck. Nightmarish! However as usual we somehow managed to get through and supply our loyal customers.

Saturday was a mixture of really dire weather with squally freezing showers and a bunch of jolly people who turned out despite the awfulness of the day to celebrate my birthday in the barn.  Mulled wine, slow roasted pork and mince pies , seemed to go down very well [despite the huge quantities produced there were no leftovers] and the combination of the giant Australian barbeque, and two grain dryers worked hard to try to keep the cold at bay. A strange fact we noticed is that the Calor canisters ice up as the gas vaporises inside the cylinder. It became a trifle dark just as we served lunch at 2pm as rain dripping in from the roof of the 17th Century barn caused some of the lights to fuse and Jethro had to carve the pork by calor gas lamp. Next time we must have more lights, and more heat.

By Sunday we were all very tired and the clearing up, both outside and in, continued into Monday, starting with 14 loads of washing. A combination of the return of the younger generation for the Christmas holidays from Harper Adams and London as well a house full of lovely visitors.

Now I must think about writing Christmas cards, and thank you letters before it is too late to post –  in the mail , of course, not on the blog!


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5 responses to “dark and delicious

  1. Many would say brave having a bit of a do in a barn in the depths of winter, but it is a really good way to ensure that there are leftovers!

  2. The snowflakes are charming!

  3. Thank you. Unfortunately there were no leftovers apart from fruit salad.
    We cooked 20 KILOS rare breed pork [2 whole legs and 2 whole shoulders] and 70 people ate the lot!!
    I only had a mouthful too, but to have a reputation for serving good food must be a good thing.

  4. It sounds just my cup of tea!

    And you would never believe how close Harper Adams is to me! What a small world. The college was one of my customers when I was a branch manager at Newport and me and the staff used to go and open accounts on Freshers weeks…Lovely college.

    btw-I’m so glad you are becoming known to the Purplecoo community-I told you they would like you too!
    warm wishes to you and yours for a very happy Christmas and 2009


  5. Mmm, like the sound of the rare breed pork. Can i come next year?

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