walking the boundaries

Yesterday, we checked the fences in preparation for the coming of  THE HORSE on Monday. This link  shows a picture of her, she is the beautiful mare on the left at the top of the page.

All seems well, the field is nothing like as wet as we thought it might be, and there is only a small task to do. We need to remove the old and rather manky round bale of hay [ the cattle in the shed will pick over that if we put in in as bedding ] and we need to also also remove the ring feeder. This year’s  group of ram lambs are about to be moved across from another field to graze with her and keep her company.  Eventually she will live most of the time with the house cow, Ruby,  but she is indoors at the moment and due to calve at the end of January. The horse is used to living outdoors, and is coming with her thick rug. There is also an older ‘pet’ wether sheep [castrated male] who can join this little band of special animals, but he is also elsewhere at the moment and it is too complicated to get him back on his own.  Other livestock will join this happy little band from time to time as they will always be in the field nearest the house and we always have a procession fo special care animals throughout the year either needing extra food, observation, veterinary care or just plain old TLC.


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4 responses to “walking the boundaries

  1. Good luck with the arrival of your mare.

  2. Pondside

    I love the thought of your little day care group near the house!
    I couldn’t see a photo of the mare, so I’ll have to wait until you post a photo yourself. Good luck! I’m glad that your roads are open again – ours are now closed over here.

  3. Try clicking on the link itself that says this link in red, it should open the page with the photo on top, it does from here.

  4. The fields in front of us have no ewes on at present. The ground is so wet farmer and he has had problems with growing grass due to the rain that he has had to move them all to another part of the county!

    Lovely to think of the special needs group near the house.

    warm wishes

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