I simply don’t know where the days go!

Christmas came and went and the daily work on the farm simply carried on. We had a pig with mastitis on Christmas Eve [now cured], and a shortage of electricity causing the bore hole to stop working.

16 days of hard frost followed on Boxing Day leading to huge water problems with the outdoor livestock. Thousands of gallons of water have been carried out to cattle, pigs and sheep.

The frost thawed and then the rains came [ still falling] and the pond and the fields are now almost overflowing with excess water..

The younger generation are returned to their seats of learning and even Jethro has had a week away this month studying for his MSC. While he was away we had a burst radiator in a bedroom which nearly brought down the ceiling of the farm office, thanks to the NFU insurance for their swift response in drying us out [ the fans are still whirring] and a very poorly pig who was sadly and swiftly put down. This pig was one of our absolute favourites owing to her lovely nature, she was 18 months old and had just been weaned from her litter of 10 at 8 weeks old. Customers are queuing to buy our breeding stock and I have already pre-sold 4 out of the 5 gilts, we will keep the best one to be her replacement, in due course.

The horse has come and is settling slowly, our progress has not been helped by either the terrible weather nor a terrifying experience for both of us with some trespassing motor-cross riders who all revved their engines at once causing her to frantically rear again and again and me to be thrown.  Steps are being taken to restrict access on the bridle paths to those who are entitled. I am the third serious accident that I know of in this locality and sadly I fear a tragedy if nothing is done.

I missed blogging but the days were not long enough. However the nights are lighter now and we have Spring to look forward to.

I am back and will do my best to post often. Camera still not sorted.



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5 responses to “water

  1. Sorry to hear of all your troubles – especially the riding accident. We had the same kind of trouble if we rode down The Fosse Way.

  2. Pondside

    Welcome back – you’ve had a lot going on.
    Sorry to hear about your accident. We have the same issue over here – 4wheel sports vehicles roar on the trails behind us, tearing up the roots of the trees and terrifying one and all. We just keep letting the authorities know, and do our bit to make the trails horse/walker friendly and motorized vehicle unfriendly.

  3. So sorry to hear you have had an accident. Surely Bridle paths should only be for walkers and riders? I suppose one will always have the bikers who simply have to roar around with no thought for anyone else, but it is such a shame to see them despoilng the countryside.

  4. Absolutely disgraceful that motorbikes are disturbing the countryside in such a way that it’s frightening the horses. I loathe this kind of activity.

    Frost has been rife this winter!

    CJ xx

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