iced up again

The snow fall levelled out at tea time yesterday at around 8 inches. We cleared the snow off the old Victorian conservatory roof just before dark in case more snow fell and the glass cracked from the strain. The roof  may be covered by insurance but we simply couldn’t cope with any more house related problems. [We also had a burst radiator 2 weeks ago which nearly brought down the farm office ceiling.] On Sunday, Jethro planted some early potatoes in a barrel in the conservatory, but in truth that feels a wee bit optimistic right now.

Today everywhere is frozen hard again and the battle to feed and water all the outdoor stock continues. Since the last cold snap we have plumbed in and filled two 2250 litre troughs for the cattle, so keeping them watered will be easier even if the frost continues and we have to resume leading water out in the bowser. The outdoor pigs have had their rations increased slightly but with their warm straw filled wooden arks they seem absolutely fine. The 2o weaned piglets chase each other around in the deep snow and are not taking any hurt at all, which is marvellous.

I have finally found my camera charger [as always with ‘lost’ possessions it was found when I was not actually looking for it] and now I need to find or replace the lead to connect it to the computer so albeit slowly I am making progress towards illustrating this blog.

One Good Thing about yesterday’s ‘snow day’ was that my desk and filing were finally cleared of piles of papers and a lot of outstanding admin dealt with. If only I could keep on top of it on a regular basis it would be so much easier however farm life and the frequent ‘ emergency situations’ that arise on an ever increasing basis seem to make this type of routine hard to keep up, however I will keep trying. Paper simply seems to multiply when I am not looking, [does anyone else have this problem?] although I discovered that Jethro has a horrid habit of just adding to the pile of papers on MY desk [while clearing his desk] which he thinks are  my responsiblity. I have now positioned a special blue tray and specifically asked him to put all papers in their that he wishes me to deal with and I also have a very smart filing tray with 4 sections marked urgent, farm, house/housekeeping etc. I really hope it will work and I can do better, it was a wish of mine for 2009 to take better control of all this paper. There is still an hour’s worth of filing today to do on pig paperwork alone.

Mollie seems fine, the hay rations for her and the three rams she lives with have been increased, but until the thaw there is no chance of riding or anything else. Roll on spring.

Today, if it is not cancelled, we are attending a


Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP)




training course for farmers which is designed to cover the aspects of  ‘farm to fork’, and will no doubt result in even wider knowledge on the legal aspects of what we do and how we do it and of course another certificate to put on  the wall.


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One response to “iced up again

  1. Pondside

    Reading about the work involved in farming always leaves me in awe. Like everything else, keeping livestock is just a whole lot easier in the good weather!
    Please let me know if you find a workable solution for the husband who adds to your paper pile – I have one of those too.

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