the paper trail

I learnt a new word on the HACCP course yesterday – organoleptic. 

I also felt that within the world of food safety, training and consultants there is still a huge lack of understanding about the actual farming processes.

Example: In a room full of mainly arable farmers the following statement was made : “Certain arable crops which will be entering the food chain MUST be harvested in dry weather.”

Yeah right!

In a summer like the one we just had in 2008.

 Dream on!

So all those who attended the course will be getting a certificate to say we have been HACCP trained and so now are legally allowed to write our HACCP reports for what we produce.

Apparently, despite being accredited members of an assurance scheme we all have to have even more pieces of paper.

OK today’s rant over.

Snow melting well through the day and the animals starting to graze again. Will there be more snow tonight?

Why is there all this nonsense about the ‘cost’  of the bad weather, how about all the savings in all the mild winters we’ve had.

This is not a severe winter – it is just a normal winter.

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