deep and crisp and …

Well, we awoke early to find yet more snow and now we have very gentle drizzle resulting in thick fog so all we can see is white. White on the ground, white in the sky and everything else in between is white too. Weird! 

 The transport system around here is in a terrible state. Busses and trains are all affected and roads only passable with 4wd. Last night Jethro went to the train station to collect a family member 5 miles away. He left at 4.45pm and they returned at 6.35pm! Today they cannot even contemplate travelling and even more snow is forecast for tomorrow.

All the grazing animals are still receiving extra hay, and the latest possible problem is Ruby.

Ruby is Jethro’s naughty heifer and she does looks very uncomfortable and not like her usual cheery self, although an hour ago she was standing and chewing her cud.  The birth of her first calf is imminent and we hope there will be no complications as getting a vet here could be a challenge. She has grown so huge we have bets on as to if it is twins… but we hope not.



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3 responses to “deep and crisp and …

  1. Pondside

    Your weather made it into yesterday’s paper over here. I hope you’ve hunkered down to just enjoy the peace and quiet of being snowed in – after all the animals have been cared for, of course!

  2. muddyboots

    all l can say is thank god for wellington boots and thermal vests! Good luck with the HACCP!

  3. It has been white all day here too. It was snowing so slightly all day that you would have thought it would make no difference but now we have another inch on top of the snow still lying from earlier in the week. Hope your heifer is ok.

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