the wonders of modern medicine

The Noroclav cream syringes filled with both antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in the form of prednisolone have worked wonders on the heifer’s udder.

This morning Ruby’s udder appeared to be back to normal, and after this morning’s milking the third and final dose was administered into each quarter via the teat. The recommended dosage is 3 syringes per teat at 12 hourly intervals. This has now been done and we hope all will be well.

I also discovered that the withdrawal period is not as long as I thought, perhaps I just did not read it right without my dratted reading glasses! 60 hours is the stated requirement so doubling that puts us on 5 days so by next weekend we should have a good supply of fresh milk once more.

Tonight’s milking was also straightforward, so here’s hoping.



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3 responses to “the wonders of modern medicine

  1. Glad all seems back on track and so sorry to hear you lost the calf (bit bhind here!) xx

  2. suffolkmum

    I’ve just been reading your back posts too to catch up – really glad there’s apparently good news.

  3. muddyboots

    The joys of mastitis & medicine books! Farmer uses a [clean] used syringe for keeping his ear clean! how embarrassing!

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