jumping pigs

The horse went back to Wales this afternoon, very sadly she never settled here in her new home. However I think she has taken a piece of my heart back with her and in all honesty I can say that not all the horses I have had in my life have done that.

We have moved some pigs around today and it is amazing to see how high a fully grown young sow (gilt) can jump while they are working out the electric fencing system. They get used to the ‘hot’ wires pretty quickly and it means they can live the life that is best for a pig, outdoors and rooting all the day long.

Last night Ruby had more suspicious clots perhaps indicating a continuation of the mastitis in one quarter of her udder so we stripped it out [milked] by hand and put in another veterinary cream tube, and again this morning. We will just have to see what tomorrow brings.



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5 responses to “jumping pigs

  1. So sorry about the horse situation. this happened to me once and I felt sad, guilty etc but I knew for my safety I had to have a very quiet horse – and I found one not long after who remained my dearest friend for 20 years! I never fell off in all that time. Good luck if you try again.

  2. I never realised pigs could actually jump. I’ve seen a few flying ones though!

    CJ xx

  3. oh lordy, your blog makes me feel very ashamed for whining about drains and drippings! Sorry about your horse. Yes, CJ, v funny about flying pigs!

  4. Pondside

    I love the image of the flying pig!
    Sorry that you had to let the horse go though.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.. we will just have to see what today brings here on animal farm.

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