sowing seeds….

Animal or vegetable seeds? 

Well both we hope!

Drilling has started again for the spring sown crops of barley.

And the sex life of the pigs, or rather the total lack of pregnant pigs, has been a talking point here for the last few days. There has appeared to be plenty of action and semen out in the paddocks for the last few months but finally no actual piglets to show for it! We wish we could afford a pregnancy scanner.

A new boar has been collected and hired as we found our boar was sterile… the new boy is now in a loose box ‘in quarantine’ away from our girls and he will remain isolation until we have dosed him for worms and external parasites and made sure he is not infected with anything nasty. Then he can have 2 lovely piggy ladies this month, and another two next month.

By then we shall have another boar of our own, and this one will be able to go back. We don’t want all 9 lovely ladies all to give birth at once because it could make selling the pork in one go too difficult.

If we can, with a fully working boar, stagger the farrowing right then the customer list usually seems to keep pace with the production, or at least that is the plan. In the meantime we shall have to buy a few weaners from our friends to keep us going. We have 15 home bred rare breed fatteners coming along niceley outdoors at the moment and they are expected to start to be ready from May onwards.

Time will tell if all these ‘seeds’ will develop into new crops of barley and piglets… or whether the sex lives of the Prosperous Farm pigs will eventually become a cult read… watch this blog…



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5 responses to “sowing seeds….

  1. I can’t wait for the next instalment

  2. How complicated it is – producing our food! Best of luck with the boar(s). I am sure you must have a good market for your meat, and if not you should take up mail order and I will have some!

  3. There’s so much more to a streak of bacon than meets the eye.

    CJ xx

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