I had a laundry disaster this morning while washing the white coats which we wear for meat sales… I mistakenly left a black ball point pen in the coat pocket, even though I had checked the pockets. On removing the washing from the machine, while avoiding the puppy’s razor like teeth, an black inky mess stood out from the bright whiteness of the coats resulting in a huge groan from yours truly.

Then, I had a brainwave from something I had seen on the Victorian Farm.  In the programme which covered washday and laundry [which took all week and nothing else could have been done] a dim memory flashed through my neurons at lightening speed. MILK! Long before the age of modern detergents milk had been used to remove ink.

As we have a house cow and we have plenty of spare milk I soaked the two white coats in five litres of milk for over two hours and duly washed again at 60′ with my usual persil non-bio plus a whitener. Result. I hung the coats out in the sunshine and instead of black streaks all over I just have a couple of stubborn very small ink marks which I think is a really great result.



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2 responses to “ink……..

  1. WOW! I hadn’t heard that one – must have missed that episode I didn’t see them all.
    Well done for remembering and how tremendous that it worked so well.
    Thanks for passing it on, a tip I will def have to remember.

  2. Mary q Contrarie

    Thanks for giving me another way in I read that for the best success it is really helpful to know what type of ink you are dealing with.

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