Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Once again the days seem to have have flown and I have a gap in my regular blogging. This is partly due to the workload  here and also from a much needed few days away from the farm.

The grass and crops are growing well and the sheep start lambing this week. We’ve had 2 calves born so far, and more due very soon. The greenhouse and conservatory are very full of plants waiting for the milder weather to plant out. 500 onion setts await immediate planting [ they only arrived last week by post] but since it has rained all over the weekend I have caught up with transplanting tomato and cucumber seedlings and sowing the sweetcorn, courgette, pumpkin and squash seeds under cover of glass instead.

We are also deep into planning for Open Farm Sunday and LEAF have sent us many packets of seeds to distribute to the children when they visit the farm. These seed packets are provided by DEFRA and in our large batch seem to be predominantly red pepper seeds. There is also Rocket, Cress and Basil but as a seasoned gardener and grower of veg from seed I am very surprised by the choice of seeds since these packets are meant to encourage children to grow things. How many children actually like Rocket and how many will have the patience to try to grow peppers?

The day itself is not until 7th June, and that to my mind is late in the season for growing peppers. I have some grown from seed planted earlier this year that are ready to finally pot on now and I have planted the Defra pepper and basil seeds which arrived this week in the hope that we will at least have  plants on display. Nearer the time I shall sow cress and rocket for the BIG DAY. I now have even more seed packets coming from another source, quick growing lettuce this time. If we don’t use them all I shall send them in to the local schools so they will be used up. I expect the numbers of visitors we will get on the day will depend almost entirely on the weather.

There is so much to think about for this big open day from First Aid cover to portaloos to catering and just what will interest our visitors and most worryingly will we have enough helpers? We will all be adding events management to our CV’s and do seem to be managing all this quite well without having a degree in the subject.  Between us we just have several lifetimes of experience, an understanding of Health and Safety and buckets of common sense!



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4 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. Tiggywinkle

    My goodness, you are busy AA. There is a lot of organising for a farm visit. I was involved with Horse Farm Visits in North Carolina a few years ago while visiting my friend. The seeds do seem to be a bit advanced for children. Cress, salad leaves and radishes would be much more encouraging. I hope it is a great success for you, and look forward to keeping abreast with your busy life.

  2. Husband was also complaing about the late arrival of onion sets – they arrived late last week (Red Baron). Really good luck with the organisation of the Farm Visit. I like your new header photo!

  3. Your open day sounds really interesting and very much hard work. Good of DEFRA to supply seeds though, did you have to fill in any forms?!!!!

    CJ xx

  4. Good luck AA. I too think an odd choice of seeds for small people, surely sunflowers – whose is the tallest, or pumpkins – who grew the biggest, type of seeds would perhaps have been a better idea. Never mind perhaps who grew the hottest for the Rocket?
    Anyway I really hope it goes well and look forward to reading about the results!

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