Another two calves and a lot more lambs have been born today. Lovely sunshine here but still a  cold wind.

The plants in the greenhouse are doing really well. If we don’t get a move on in the actual veg garden they will be huge by the time we are able to plant them. Even the first 24 sweetcorn plants have popped up in their individual pots yesterday, it is wonderful to see new growth and new life all around and to be part of it.

However, before we can plant out my seedlings we must do something about some of the hens.  A few of them laugh at the electric fence and spend all day in the veg garden. I tried to shut them in last night and planned take the scissors to their wings this morning and up the charge on the electric fence as well. We also need to find where two are laying because it is not in the snug nest box and I know I am short of eggs. 

Mmmmm…  my plans did  not go very well. I’d cleaned out and disinfected one hen house yesterday using Jeyes fluid as we seem to have an outbreak of red mite and I have opened up the other hen house for them. I use these two houses in rotation with a major disinfection and long rest period in between each use.

At bed time I find four out of the five hens sitting on the disinfected hen house in a huddle. In the dark I manage to take three of them [one at a time] to the ‘clean’ house. One hen was missing, not sure where she slept despite shining torches in all the trees, and the other naughty hen refused to be caught.  But there were still five hens scavenging this morning and yes you’ve guessed it – two of them [ the two I can’t catch] back in the veggie garden.. this led to the word “gun” being mentioned by Jethro at breakfast.. this usually comes out for pigeons and rabbits.


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