Unfortunately after the excitement of last week and the thought that perhaps I had at last found the right horse, it was just not meant to be.

A delightful ride out, unaccompanied, which made my heart sing while my head firmly told me that this delightful little horse was too green to be considered. If he had had another 6 months riding out then the result would probably be just what I am looking for.

I have also sadly discounted the other one who had up to now run a close second. My head told me she was good and steady but my heart wasn’t really interested in her.. funny how vitally important it is for the two to be in unison. 

As I have said before finding a good horse is like finding a good husband or wife… very difficult but it can be done.  Although unfortunately for many it is not always first time, and there is always the settling down period for all parties whether they have four legs or two.

Good sheepdogs fall into this same category and right now we are still looking for one of those as our good old girl has finally retired from the field, she is still very fit in body but her mind is not as it was. Her life span is not however guaranteed as she has taken to chasing vehicles and biting tyres in a big way and can no longer be easily stopped. The Manitou wheels are her favourite this week and just when she has a big chunk of tyre in her teeth, the machine often goes into reverse. We have tried everything we can to prevent her doing this but we do still allow her out in the yard when we are there to take her chance otherwise she’d be shut in all day and she’d hate that.

Anyway, I am not too downhearted over horses and am just off to ride another one today. What could be better than riding in the glorious sunshine? Even with over two hours to drive each way.

Like before, on the phone, this horse sounds good and could be what we are looking for,  but I no longer read too much into what people tell me. I ride it and handle it before deciding what to do next.

Sleeping on a difficult decision is always useful too. When young I was particularly hopeless at this, but age has helped to temper my impetuous nature a little, and I am optimistic that there is a little horse out there somewhere with our name on it.

The lambs continue to arrive in a steady flow, helped along by the glorious weather, and Ruby is over her mastitis and providing us with milk once more.

POSTSCRIPT: this is my 100th Post! When I started to blog I had no idea how quickly 100 posts would come around. Time passes quickly in our busy lives and the words seem to flow from the fingers quickly too. Thank you to all my readers and particularly those who are kind enough to take the time to comment.


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2 responses to “horseless

  1. Time does go quickly and well done on your 100th post!

    Good news about Ruby, always a relief in more ways than one. I’m sure the right horse will come up eventually. I wouldn’t know what to look for apart from a small one!

    CJ xx

  2. Good luck with finding your perfect horse, not an easy business. And what is it with sheepdogs and tyres ??

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