flora and fauna

We’ve just had a bird survey done by a RSPB volunteer. It is very interesting to read the results however  as it is done at a specific time over a 3+ hour period it can only be a snapshot of the birdlife here at Prosperous Farm.

The list includes: Blackbird, Blackcap, Black headed gull, Blue tit, Carrion crow, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Collared dove, Dunnock, Goldfinch, Great tit, Green woodpecker, Greenfinch, Grey partridge, House sparrow, Jackdaw, Lapwing, Linnet, Long tailed tit, Mallard, Meadow pipit, Moorhen, pheasant, Red-legged partridge, Robin, Rook, Skylark, Swallow, Whitethroat, Wood pigeon, Wren, and Yellow hammer.

In the same week that this survey was done we saw both Buzzards and Red kites, heard the Cuckoo and the Little owl call as well as the Song thrush sing in the garden. Several Canada geese also visited the pond, we heard them long before we actually saw them, and there have been so many Magpies around that the imminent arrival of the next generation in the family has worked out first to be a girl and then a boy.

It is rewarding to know that the conservation work we are doing is helping to maintain and increase the flora and fauna. We now have a whole meadow of Cowslips and have recently shut the gate to keep the livestock stock out. We will only open it for grazing later in the season  in order to preserve these delightful spring plants.


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  1. Sorry to hear about the ewe. It’s really sad isn’t it but we just pick up and carry on.

    You have an fabulous selection of birds there. The RSPB should be proud!

    CJ xx

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