dry lands

I had a drive round all the grassland last night checking the sheep and the cattle before dark as we do every day at this time of the year.

It is extraordinary how the land has dried out and the grass is already burning off. The narrow sheep tracks which criss cross the chalky pastures are already browned off, and the ancient grassed roads in the old parkland are looking yellow instead of green and we are still in mid-May. Looking at the grass closely, one would guess we were in August, as the growth of new grass is not currently keeping pace with the rate at which it is grazed.

650 acres of grass seems like a lot of grazing until the rain stops falling. According to my diary, two years ago we were almost swimming at this time of the year with inches and inches of rain that never stopped falling. It sure looks like it’s already shaping to be a dry year.



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2 responses to “dry lands

  1. Happily send you some of ours! After last week and despite the last few dry days Wellies are still very definitely required.

  2. Is it because you are on chalk? Walking around our fields (much smaller than yours!) is still a very muddy pastime and thoroughly grassy (perfect for the lambs, too much for the ponies). Your post reminded me of the extensive drought we had the year I was working as a student for ADAS. One farmer reported that he had “grass up to his knees”, but only because he was on them at the time, praying for rain!

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