no news

No piglets yet! Did we put her off by cooking roast ham for Saturday lunch? The due date given was Sunday and the signs were there but she is hanging on…  Now we wonder which of the three ladies-in-waiting will be first?

The Tamworth has made a giant straw nest, this morning, and hidden herself behind this wall of straw… so we’ll keep checking.

Meanwhile it has rained for about 3 hours today and we planted all the brassicas and sweetcorn out yesterday.

We now need more rain and less pigeons who have already homed in on our little plants, shredding and consuming their growing leaves as part of a May day feast.



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2 responses to “no news

  1. Eeeeek yup roast pork on Sunday . . . tad indiscreet . . . LOL. Finger crossed though . . . I mean fingers – the former is impossible – and lots of pictures when they are born – the piglets not the fingers – not that fingers get born on their own.

    I stopped eating lamb after I had hand-reared two lambs. My, now eight year old, sheep just have so much character I couldn’t think of eating something with that much personality. Ironically I used to have chickens and some of those were pretty amazing as well, but I didn’t stop eating chicken . . .

  2. Hope the little piggies are here soon. I like pigeons but of course they can do lots of damage. Our doves and pigeons, despite being fed, have pecked all the buds of our pinks in the garden.

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