a little light relief

Just a little light relief from all the chores, and how we laughed…

These brave men deserve all the applause we can give….


Even if you don’t like horses this is bound to raise a smile, I am still laughing now!



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8 responses to “a little light relief

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Great start to my morning!
    Thank you

  2. That was so funny! (And it reminded me of how I used to practice my dressage tests when I was in pony club – my pony used to learn the test and would start to anticipate the next bit, so I had to do all my practising without her. Yes I did look silly!)

  3. Tiggywinkle

    I’m still laughing Aa. It’s great. I was going to send it to my friend whose horse Farm and training facility I stay at in NC. But I have decided to teach myself a routine and perform it in her dressage ring the next time I go over.I could do it as a display for the trainers at her facility. It would be a hoot!

  4. muddyboots

    LOL, used to practice my dressage tests just like that! You should have seen me doing a shoulder in!

  5. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Pondside

    Too funny!
    Do you have piglets yet?

  7. Cait O'Connor

    That did make me laugh!

  8. Tiggywinkle

    What is Mrs. Piggy up to? I hope she produces over the weekend.

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