what a week..

Well, sincere apologies for lack of blogging.  Open Farm Sunday was a resounding success with our visitor numbers reaching 4 figures…. wow, had we known that would we have done it? Anyway we all survived with the help of so many kind volunteers who gave their time and knowledge freely.



We had an inch of rain on Sunday morning in a very short time, I just wanted to get back into bed after waking at 6am, I was so worried about the day. I only went to bed after midnight after stuffing carrier bags for 3 hours with some very kind friends and family who joined in to help this laborious task.

However fifteen minutes before our gates were to open a streak of blue sky appeared and we actually had a fine day, which made all the difference. It was wonderful to see so many happy smiling people enjoying the animals and machines and we hope they learnt something about how their food is produced.

Well, we are already planning for next year now – 13th June 2010 – while the clearing up and taking down of displays goes on and we will have a major de-brief when we get time. 

The new piglets all arrived in time and I hope to put a pic on soon. We have more visits this week of school groups and pre-school while we are still set up for visitors and the concrete yards are so clean. It truly seems that the work of a farmer is never done and it is no longer just about producing food – sharing knowledge and improved public relations seem to be just as important.

Food for thought and food to eat, indeed!



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5 responses to “what a week..

  1. Pondside

    It sounds like you had a very successful day – no real rain, lots of visitors and a new batch of piglets. I look forward to the photos!

  2. Tiggywinkle

    Delighted to hear your open day was such a great success. Well done. You must be exhausted. So glad the Mrs Piggy obliged, and looking forward to seing the piggies.

  3. Cait O'Connor

    Sounds as if the day was a huge success, I bet next year will be even better.

  4. Good on you for doing this. There are too many people who haven’t a clue where their food comes from, a lot of them work in Parliament!

    CJ xx

  5. sendacow

    Food for thought indeed! loving the blog , keep up the good work! You may be interested in the work of Send a Cow -http://www.sendacow.org.uk/ourwork – We are based in Bath, work with rural community groups in nine countries in Africa, providing small-scale farmers with the skills and means to feed their families and earn an income. It’s all about helping to develop sustainable farming methods!

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