to drill or not to drill is the big question

I am not talking about  a visit to the dentist – although that is one of my great real life phobias – but the burning question that is on all the minds of arable farmers after almost 2 months with no rain at all.

The ground is so hard that there is no way on this difficult land that a suitable seed bed can be prepared to sow the seed into. Yet the autumn days are quickly passing by and the risk of too much rain arriving all at once and making the land equally unworkable but in a different and equally challenging way is a very real threat. 

Jethro’s machines are ready, the men are ready, and the seed is in bags waiting to be loaded into the drills.

We do have a passable oil seed rape crop [ called canola for those readers from across the Atlantic] however and I am posting a picture. This was drilled in August in a manner which conserved as much moisture as possible in the seed bed. If we can keep the pigeons from stripping it all it later in the winter it may be an ok crop, which will be great.Oil Seed Rape

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