damp and dreary makes us weary

A damp and dreary morning does not help us adjust to the time change. Why do we find it hard to adjust in October and March?

I collected the cattle vaccine yesterday from the vets and we will have a busy week vaccinating all the cattle against respiratory disease. This is because last winter we had a terrible outbreak in the animals of sniffley noses, coughs and fevers after housing the young cattle and treating them all and looking after so many large animals was very hard going.

We have more groups of young visitors coming to the farm soon and I hope they have waterproofs to go on the farm walk. I have finally perfected the art of buttermaking  to an audience, so that will be part of what they learn about and will be able to taste. I have to buy pasteurised cream as we are not allowed to use our own raw milk.. crazy but true. So I demonstrate the buttermaking and then later on in the visit we demonstrate the milking of Ruby followed by the cream separation as it works best with warm milk.

In the meantime I must have had over 20 phone calls from AOL about the internet subscription package we have been on, seemingly for years. It is becoming a total pantomine, they want to speak to Jethro, he is never in!  They won’t talk to anyone else about it and are ringing form some far flung place which sounds as if it is bathed in sunshine. They seem to find it extremely hard that I don’t even know when Jethro will be available… and refuse to divulge any details to me .. I have just told them that this scenario will continue for several more weeks unless they give me the details of the deal they are offfering in order that I can tell him.

Data protection is surely just a useful foil for total lack of common sense.

Must dash,  the cattle are calling.



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2 responses to “damp and dreary makes us weary

  1. Cait O'Connor

    Nice to visit your blog again. It is looking very good and I agree with your thoughts about the clock.

  2. I do agree with you about the clock change. I wish they would leave it alone. Just been catching up with your last few posts. I do hope the puppy returns a saint!

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