The back man cometh, well actually he goeth. Today Swift has been sorted out in a big way and I hope to ride him really soon. I think the horse must have been playing Twister as he was in a bit of a mess. Now I will get the saddle fitter out as soon as I can, I had not done this already as I was not sure how long to give Swift off while his sore back was mending.

I know the saddle is wide enough, but because Swift has sadly already had a back issues, I want to be really sure that the saddle is just right. Of course he may get fatter and thinner depending on the time of year and how much work he is having, but my saddle has different width plates for the gullet and air flocking in the padding which can be adjusted by the specialist fitter and we have one quite close by, which is one of the reasons I originally chose this saddle.

In the meantime we have done more leading out and investigation of big machines, tyres and other typical farm hazards. Some times he takes a minute or two to relax if there is a lot of noise but on the whole appears to have an ‘am I bothered’  type reaction which is great considering he has only been here just over 2 weeks, although on account of his age he is still rather green. He is unmoved now by the pigs and looks over the wall at them while they sleep. When the pigs wake up they study each other in depth, the horse over the wall and all the eight pigs looking right up at him, it is too funny to watch. Swift however is totally relaxed as he does this, which to me is the most important aspect.

The back man is returning on two weeks to sort out one of the suckler cows who we think is not quite right and he will just check Swift again to see all is still well.

Jethro is nursing a very sore leg, he was charged by a ram yesterday when he went to feed them. There are no bruises or unusual swelling but I think the sheep caught him right on the iliotibial band on the outside of his thigh. This can be an extremely sesnsitive part of the body and the ibuprofen is helping a lot. Luckily it was not worse.



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2 responses to “twister

  1. Poor Jethro.
    One of our neighbours got very badly injured in just the same way, he only just managed to haul himself back on to the quad to get home (he’d no mobile with him) he was on crutches for over 6 months.

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