itchy and scratchy

Animals! The wordly wise know very well never to work with animals.. but we are somewhat stuck with hundreds of them.

The latest  problem is the young sow, no use to us for breeding anymore and shortly destined for sausages has gone down with lice or mites just a few days before she was due to be sent away.  

This is a big problem. We cannot give her the usual veterinary treatment for external and internal parasites as there is a 28 day minimum meat withdrawal on this stuff. [We always go well over the minimum]. She must go this week as we need the sausages for a market later in the month.

We have consulted with our vet and collected from the vet’s an organic herbal powder  [similar to this] with which to anoint her with. There is no withdrawal period on this as it is made with natural products and it should help considerably. The only problem is we will need to use a whole lot of this powder to take effect and will have to don goggles and face masks in order not to suffocate ourselves in the process. The pig as you can imagine will not like this particularly and not stay still, so I expect a complete whiteout, or a re-run of the black and white minstrel show, but much more pungent. At least we shouldn’t catch any bugs.

PS Swift and I had a 15 minute ridden meander in the field today. So far so good.


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One response to “itchy and scratchy

  1. Fennie

    I grew up with pigs but can’t remember this problem. Good luck anyway.
    Sad the sow has to be consigned to the sausage machine. But I’m sure they will be excellent sausages. Sow and you shall reap (sausages) as it were. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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