a dark and stormy Sunday morning

Well, we managed to dust the pigs last night in their stable and waking up today to such a wet and stormy morning means that there is absolutely no sign of the white powder on these girls anywhere. I should have photographed them last night as they were really WHITE! Let’s hope it’s worked and relieved their discomfort, hard to tell so far as nothing ever puts them off their food!

It is so wet and so windy the trees seem to have lost half their leaves overnight and are  now piled on what pretends to be a  lawn no doubt the rest will follow by nightfall? Still it is 1st November and the leaves have lasted a long time this year. It is however still mild.

Swift is happy enough out in the field in his waterproof rug, no riding today on account of the storm, not a good idea on a young horse. I will change his rug for a drier one later on if the rain persists all day, but he is ok for now. He is still wearing the thinnest weight rug, I tried him in the warmer one when he got so wet yesterday but it is too warm and he sweated up underneath it which was no good so I changed it back.

So I shall retire to the kitchen and have a baking session: pasties, cake and some other delicious goodies to see us all through the week. It will undoubtedly cheer Jethro up when he returns very wet and bedraggled [a certainty today] from his daily sortie to check all the animals in all the fields. Sunday remains a working day on a farm, but a glance at  the Sunday papers and a roaring log fire to keep out the damp will make for a pleasant few hours after lunch until it is feeding time for the livestock once more.

4.45 pm Here is the photgraphc evidence of my labours in the kitchen.. a case of now you see it, now you don’t delicious… mmmmnn. “Any more” said Jethro?

Prosperous Pasties

Gone in a moment.. but golly they were good!



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3 responses to “a dark and stormy Sunday morning

  1. Pondside

    I’ve heard that you’re having wild weather over your way today. It’s pretty wild here too – a global pattern?
    I haven’t been around for a while, so I’ve had a nice poke around your site and a catch up – see you later!

  2. Kay

    I had a little chuckle when I read your blog today. Those delicacies that you photographed looked really tasty, but, I’m afraid that I’m a Cornish maid and I know what a pasty should look like. Crimped all down one side or possible all the way across the top. But I wouldn’t say no to one of your creations!!!

    • Thanks Kay, but I don’t think I said the word Cornish…. they be Prosperous Pasties from Prosperous Farm, made with grass fed beef hung for 28 days with the veggies all from the garden… delic…

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