tell the pigs it’s not cricket

We received a frantic  telephone call this afternoon… three pigs causing havoc in a lovely garden and heading towards a very well tended cricket pitch with their noses primed in the dig position.

We asked for a bit more description of this terrible sounding trio and then we breathed a huge sigh of relief, they were not our pigs. Some quick telephoning to other pig keepers in the area produced a mobile phone number and a name and eventually the pigs were corralled [not sure about the spelling] and then owner was traced.

The relief to know it was NOT our problem was huge, that in itself is a teensy bit worrying!

Swift is getting used to large machines, the loader full of planks and old doors has gone past his byre several times this afternoon. The barefoot trimmer comes tomorrow to assess his feet, and take the remaining 3 shoes off. He has only had one set of shoes on in his life, and he has lost one this week and I am going to try to keep him ‘barefoot’ while he is only in light work.

I rode him again for a short while in the Dually halter after long lining with a friend’s help for half an hour in his field.

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