a [very] funny film but beware the [very] bad language

We have just been sent this and feels it needs a much wider audience, however if you are sensitive to bad language, then please do not watch. Complaints will not be accepted, watching is your choice.

Will you ever look at a chicken in the same light again, and did you really know that wheat grows in the ground?



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3 responses to “a [very] funny film but beware the [very] bad language

  1. Tiggywinkle

    It is refreshing to hear someone, bad language and all, being so positive in this awful depressing economic climate. It made me laugh.

  2. Absolutely priceless! Loved it.

  3. mutteringsfromthemoor

    Brilliant! Jammy baaastard!!

    I thought you might like to know, Annie the lamb is thriving! She’s off the bottle and is heading for her new home at the animal sanctuary tomorrow. I will hopefully (weather permitting) take some photos for my blog so do look out for them.

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