beauty and the beast

This morning is bitterly cold and absolutely beautiful – the ultimate wintry scene and I hope someone will have time to take the camera out again to record it all later.

Unfortunately it remains an awful beast for those with farm animals and there seems to be no let up in this cold snap. No one has time to enjoy it. Contingency plans over the Christmas period now mean that all the staff will work some of every day as there is too much to do for one man. The normal plan at this time of year is that between Christmas Eve and the first Monday of the New Year only the essential jobs are done ie: the livestock and everyone takes turns on duty so everyone has time off. This year because of the weather conditions two men will work every morning and one working every afternoon.

The hens have stopped laying presumably in protest from the cold so we may have to run out to buy eggs. Or more likely do without as the roads in this locality are still too bad for a normal car and Jethro is much too busy to do any more of my tasks.

Swift is eating loads of hay and is warm in his gucci style rug. These rugs are very expensive but well worth it. I prefer to keep horses out in their natural environment and as it turned out it is just as well owing to my injury. The snow and the cold is much better for animals than relentless cold rain. Ruby has come inside and is in with the cows and young calves and more importantly in with the bull so we hope she will calve again next September.

We wish every one a safe and happy Christmas season, and wonder what this year’s unexpected challenge will be. Last year we had no electricity to work the water pump at the bore hole. Every year is different and this year will be no exception.


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