Goodbye to 2009

Goodbye to 2009.

The last few days have been very busy and hard as life on crutches is very hampering, espeically on a farm in the winter. We are hoping 2010 will be much easier.

Since my accident 3 weeks ago we have had:

water through a bedroom ceiling from melting snow, leading to evacuation of  said room and entire contents of walk-in cupboard,

a car in the pond, while watching Cranford after some good whisky and it was nothing to do with us, except Jethro is the pond keeper so then the three fire engines, Police, ambulance, and several recovery vehicles  suddenly became a lot to do with us,

frozen and burst water pipes and troughs, leading to a full set of 9 new ballcocks and de-frosting of hands in between each trough,

a winter’s worth of snow for the second time this year leading to joyriders pulling sledges behind 4wd vehicles on private fields full of sheep, and the driver being certain it was ok for him to do this,

a lost [newly arrived, and not yet settled in] sheepdog on Chrismas Day after she touched her nose on the pig electric fencing, got a shock and unurprisingly ran off, to be thankfully retrieved 30 minutes later after she luckily had joined up with a local dog walker and his two dogs,

so it is no surpirise that we wonder what will be next?

That’s the thing about farming every day is different and there is always a lot to sort out… and having married a farmer, many years ago,  and as mother to another successful farmer it is no suprise to me to read that the most influential figure in farming over the last 75 years is none other than THE FARMER’S WIFE with 49% of the vote. Read here.

Happy New Year and all the best for the next decade and beyond.


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3 responses to “Goodbye to 2009

  1. I was wondering about the cry[ptic car int eh pond comemnt – was it a total write off? Don’t worry next year will be better – I always say that and luckily can never remember by the end of the year whether it was or not! Have A wonderfully calm new year!

  2. Thanks Tattie, we don’t know. We believe the driver had been pulled out, they were not present, presume the car a write off.

    Our particular concern is pollutants in the pond that may kill the fish… and we won’t know until it thaws.

  3. What a month! Those joy riders are unbelievable!! You must have been fuming! I was angry that someone left one of my gates open and I still have a tup lamb out somewhere… hopefully not tupping any ewes he shouldn’t be!
    Very glad to hear that you have your sheepdog back, I hope she’s more settled now.

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