planning for next winter

The house is gradually emptying as the young generation go back to Uni and prepare for work on Monday.

The deep overnight frost has led to Jethro carting water out again to the pigs’ frozen water troughs. Tomorrow, he will move some huge storage tanks down there from another farm as it is already looking like a long fierce winter and this will save both time and effort.

The pigs are happy enough in their warm arks but the pig keepers’ are finding it a huge struggle to cope with a very wet and very cold winter so plans are already being made for bringing all the pigs into the sheds, and stables for the worst 4  months of winter from next year.  Another pig farm brings their pigs  in every winter and it seems to work well. Of course this action plan will almost guarantee a mild winter.

The pigs don’t mind the deep mud at all but it is extremely treacherous for the man with the bucket to wade through deep mud twice per day while a batch of pigs are pushing at him to get at the food and the dangers of ending face down either in cold thick mud, or on hard frozen ground [as per today] are all too real.

Funny how talk of global warming has ceased ever since the powers that be met in Copenhagen for their talks. You’d have thought they’d have mentioned something about their obvious and immediate success, wouldn’t you?

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One response to “planning for next winter

  1. Always a hard season to get through but one which comes with its rewards for a farmer.

    Best wishes, CJ xx

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