a bit of Brit grit

Keeping calm and carrying on is what the British farmers do best and the current winter remains no exception.

Earlier this week we discovered the council’s salt shortage has reached our locality with the big hill in and out of the village temporarily renamed the Cresta run. Yesteday we had thick fog and rain, pouring gutters  and huge puddles on top of the ice and Jethro may by the weekend  have to swop his crampons [currently attached to his wellies] for flippers.

The daily round of fresh food and water to every animal continues and there are almost 1000 head of different livestock to see to.

The business side carries on too with tonnes of grain collected yesterday for sale but after the second lorry got stuck and had to be pulled out by a tractor, all further collections have been cancelled by Jethro while we have this thick, thick ice.

Finally tonight we have running water for the pigs and for the first time in ages have not had to take the water bowser out to them. It will make the weekend duties easier and hopefully next week we can go back to selling some lambs and pigs as we have orders waiting for them.

The icy conditions made it impossible on welfare grounds  for both animals and staff to move them to sort out the best ones. The sheepdogs have just had normal walks to keep them cheery as running full tilt around an icy field to get the sheep in was too dangerous and crossing the road with these lambs on a stretch that was too slippery for people to stand on was not on either.

Roll on normal service, until the next storm comes.. winter has a long way to go yet… and yet I dream of spring already.



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3 responses to “a bit of Brit grit

  1. Cait

    I hope things are improving for you now with the thaw. They are on my daughter and SIL’s farm, the grass can be seen again at last.

  2. Bit late this post, but hoping you have seen a big improvement recently.

    CJ xx

  3. Just finally getting round to seeing if anyone is coming out of hibernation so to speak – hopefully now the snow has gone and the freeze is easing. With only 40 hens to worry about it seemed difficult enough here!

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